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A 5 minute child portrait?  Yes it is possible!!!  If you can focus on the child and not on your equipment.



Any parent will tell you that kids loose interest quickly, especially with things they aren't 100% interested in.  From a portrait perspective this means that you need to ensure that all your attention and effort is on building a relationship with the child to quickly capture their portrait when the moment is right. You need to spend time with children to make them feel comfortable with you photographing them.  This may be quick or take some time so eliminiating the need to fiddle with your gear is key. This takes practice and experience but there is always more to learn so I often take the time to 'play' and test new setups so that when necessary I don't have to think about that aspect - it will be second nature and I'll have several options to pull out of my hat to best fit the situation. 




To that end I had set aside about an hour to 'play' with a new lighting setup that I wanted to test for times when natural light just isn't an option.  In the end, becaue of my years of practice and knowledge it only took 5 minutes.  I had created the look I wanted fully with artificial light and loved the results for a more formal child portrait.




When I look at these images I truly see HER and that is what a portrait should be.  Making a connection with the child, having them look at the camera in a way that draws you in and shows you their true self.


The best part of this was that I had the images I wanted very quickly and when I told her we were done she wanted to keep going ;)  No, it's not always that easy with kids, sometimes it takes 20 or 60 minutes, it really depends on the child, but regardless, if you have the experience necessary you can make it work and get images that will be cherished for years to come. 


I would be happy with any one of these printed and put up on my wall!





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